VMS Live partners with Eventim UK

After a careful selection process, VMS are delighted to announce a partnership agreement with Eventim in relation to the development of VMS Tickets and ticketing for our Partner Venues and all VMS promoted shows. Carl Bathgate Promotions Director for VMS Live commented ‘As we get bigger and deliver more and bigger content both in our own right as well as our partner venues and events, it was important for us to team up with a ticketing partner, that could offer us access to the best technology as well as looking at bespoke developments.

We think that Eventim provide us with an ideal mix of skills that will allow us to grow and support each others businesses’. Steve Forster Managing Director further commented that ‘VMS are currently a small business in the context of the major players out there, but we continue to double in size year on year.

Eventim, actively chased our business and talked about how they could assist in growing what we are looking to do in the future. It was that flexible approach and ability to modify their standard offering to suit our business needs, that convinced us to partner with Eventim for the foreseeable future. There are a number of their initiatives that tie into our ethos as a business, such as the Fan re-selling app’Fan Sale’ that allows fans to sell tickets to each other if they cant attend a show, that we really like. Overall, Eventim just felt right for us at this stage in our development.