Resignations and appointment to the board of directors of the VMS Live group of companies

As many will remember, Steve Forster, entrepreneur, creator, visionary and CEO of the VMS Live group of companies, died unexpectedly earlier this year. This is the appropriate time to thank all the staff, suppliers, clients and other stakeholders who all contributed to keeping VMS Live running in the difficult past 5 months.

A special thanks to Richard Maides and Carl Bathgate who led the company over this past period. Both have now resigned following a transfer of their duties. The company is grateful for their long-standing service and contribution to the growth of the company, their special efforts over these five last months and for playing a major part in developing the USP’s which make VMS Live such a unique group of companies blending venue management, promoting and ticketing into a one-stop-shop entertainment organisation.

Kate Forster, widow of Steve Forster, wishes to preserve and continue to grow the legacy of her husband and has joined the board as a non-executive director. She is happy to announce the appointment of Bert van Horck as CEO of the VMS Live group of companies with immediate effect. Bert has a unique track record in the event industry including promoting and producing live entertainment and starting up venues. Some may also remember him as the CEO of ICMS, trading as Showsec in the UK, MD of de Boer Structures UK. More recently Bert has worked within organising committees of multi-sport events, such as successfully heading the safety and security department during the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.