VMS Live has a growing and diverse set of clients…

From small Bar Venues (The Polar Bear – Hull), to owner operated venues (The Olympia – Liverpool), and Students Unions (Sheffield – Foundry) to Racecourses (ARC). VMS have an ever expanding range of clients and venues. For many of these clients, we are into our second our third renewals of our contract as our relationships have expanded and developed. In each case we have a unique agreement in place specific to the needs of the individual client. Whether it be a one of event, or a multi–site, multi year agreement, no contact is too small or too large for us. Should you wish to discuss your specific circumstances and how VMS Live may be able to assist, please don’t hesitate to contact us (please see contact details section of our website).

A list of some of our Clients, past and present are below.

For each client we have given a description of how we engage with them. For more details please feel free to contact us.

Arena Racing Company

VMS Live have been working with ARC since the summer of 2013 delivering events across their estate. Primarily these events have been ‘Live After Racing’ shows, but also we have made bookings and delivered events into their corporate and non race day activity (for example Hacienda Classical in Brighton). In 2017, we had major artists such as the Kaiser Chiefs & Boyzone taking place, while previous years activity has included the likes of Simply Red, Spandau Ballet & Tom Jones. We were closely with the ARC Senior Management Team to ensure that we select the correct artists to suit the expected audience demographic and grow the business as a whole.

Humyne Ltd Hull (Fruit/The Welly)

Working with Humyne Ltd (the owners of The Welly Fruit, Polar Bear, Hull Box office), we have worked hard to deliver a support network across all of their businesses. The main (but not exclusive) focus has been to deliver both the quantity and quality of events into their venue estate. Also working with them to improve operational efficiencies and drive more inventory into their ticketing business, Hull Box Office. Almost 12 months into our arrangement, the results have been very impressive. We also work with HBO on our ‘urban day festival’ Innercity Live. This is perhaps one of the best examples of how VMS and our clients can come up with mutually beneficial outcomes across a broad cross section of businesses.

Liverpool Olympia

A relatively recent addition to the VMS venues portfolio. The Olympia is one of Liverpool’s oldest venues, that to a large extent had fallen off the touring map in recent years. Working with the current owners VMS have worked on turning the venue into a 21st century fit for purpose performance space. With an immediate focus on safety, compliance as well as ticketing. We have seen an over 100% increase in activity in the venue in the first 12 months. Such activity has been a mixture of self promoted shows (Via VMS Bookings team) and a wider variety of external hires. Such activity has led to an increase in investment in the venue and hopefully secured its long terms success. This is perhaps a perfect example of the ways in which VMS can assist your venue. H&S review, operational and venue management, ticketing and marketing and event delivery have all come under the microscope as part of our review and plan for the future.

Manchester Academy

Manchester Academy venues are synonymous with live music and club culture in Manchester. Having worked with the venues since 2012, we have literally looked at every single aspect of the operation and constantly evolve the service that we provide to reflect the priories of the venue. Currently a large proportion of what we deliver is focused on event delivery under the Manchester Academy Presents banner, with over 100 shows per year produced. Over the term of our agreement we have focused on everything from Operational priorities and management structure through to Ticketing and Marketing. In many ways this is the perfect example of how an ongoing working relationship develops over time as focus and priorities chance. During our involvement Manchester Academy has won the Live Awards for best venue in its category on 3 separate occasions.

Preston Guildhall

Not dissimilar to our arrangement in Wakefield we were brought into the venue to deliver content across their range of venues and advise on event delivery and production. Though still in its relative infancy, a quick look at the programme in the venue, displays the breadth and number of events we have delivered for the venues.

ULU – London

Working with the University of London, to reinvigorate the former ULU venues, we reopened the venues in May 2017. The ULU venues were once one of the busiest and most successful venues in the UK. In recent times the venues have to all intents and purposes been ‘closed’ with no live events since 2015. We have already started the process of turning this situation around, with over 30 shows in the first 6 months. Our partnership has allowed us to look at ticketing, production, licensing, commercial deals, management structure and is perhaps a perfect example of how we can work with an organisation to be a venue/s back to life. Watch this space as they say.

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Initially becoming involved as management consultants our arrangement with UEA has developed into a long term Management Service Agreement. As with all of our arrangements each one is unique to the specific needs of our client. As with Manchester Academy an initial focus on operational compliance and management structure has morphed into an ongoing agreement looking at commercial maximisation and event booking, with everything from Club Strategy to Ticketing coming under scrutiny. This year we will see close to 200 events being produced under the EUA/Waterfront banner.

William Aston Hall – Wrexham

Owned by the University of Wrexham, the WAH is a ‘theatre style’ venue capable of delivering both standing and seated format events. Over our 3 year arrangement to date, VMS has both increased the range and diversity of the event programme, focussing on delivering more events and profitability from said events. As part of our arrangement we have put in place our own venue ‘Production’ to ensure that the venue is fit for purpose and comparable to its competitors. Effectively a ‘JV’ between VMS and Glyndwr as we both share risk and profit on a long term business. We believe that this arrangement highlights the flexibility of offering that we can provide to our potential partners. We know that many Council and Universities have venues spaces that they want to keep active but neither have the specialist skills or staff to deliver what is required within a modern business environment. Our bespoke approach allows us to tailor an offering to each client.

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